JOCKO (North Hollywood, 1953)


The intersection of Lankershim and Riverside in North Hollywood. “Kustom Kar” builders the Barris Brothers – eventual manufacturers of the Batmobile, the Monkees’ GTO, the Green Hornet’s company vehicle, the Munster’s grocery-getter and other funky, offbeat vehicles that raced into America’s living room via the television’s cathode tubes – hire a young apprentice, Robert Johnson.

Johnson is an astute learner and forward thinker. The guys in the shop wonder about his hygiene though… Seeing him rub his crotch absent-mindedly, he is christened “Jocko.” And despite his nickname’s, uhh, sensitive origins, the moniker sticks like talcum powder.


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One Response to “JOCKO (North Hollywood, 1953)”

  1. Midnitro Says:

    I use to have some respect for you, but you just lost it. You, of all ppl, I expected to know…

    A: Barris is, was and will always be a lying hack that never built anything besides myth.

    B: Dean Jeffries built the Monkeemobile GTO and Green Hornet Chrysler.

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