Subject: Infinity Jet Engines
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 01:54:40 EST
From: Vic Elischer (∞@aol.com)
To: colecoonce@nitronic.com


It was a J47-33 out of an F86D Fighter/Interceptor. And I did get after-burner turbine driven pumps. The Pumps were driven by airflow from the last stage of the compressor before the compressed air fed into the Burner Cans on the engine. The hot burning gas output then went through the turbine blades which drove the compressor and of course provided the thrust. The turbine rings were typically removed before engines were sold for parts. I don’t know why? Maybe they did not want people from foreign countries to build up planes from spare parts so they disabled engines. We got a turbine ring anyway after we made friends with guys at Montham. A beer of ours works wonders.

But the best thing to do was to take an engine out of a newly refurbished National Guard Plane that was destined to be a monument. That is how I got the second engine with 40 hrs on it from the city of Medford Oregon. I talked them into giving me the engine for $750. I told them the plane would be a lot lighter without it if they were going to put it on a pedestal for a monument. They agreed. So Romeo drove up there with a Big Flat bed and I drove up with a friend in a car and I took the plane apart and removed the engine. Romeo was amazed – I rented a Cherry Picker to pull it out. It only took about four hours. It was cool! I had never seen a fighter plane like that up close before. And I got a lot of electronic and relay parts out of it as well as a silver cell battery. That battery was worth more than $750 but the city manager at Medford did not know and they got the plane for free. That was in 1961 I think?



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