SSC ready to roll … SSC is rolling …” Andy Green keys his mic and leaves it open… (inhale) … SSC slowly creeps up to a 100 mph … a very careful, calculated application of thrust … the white line fades … (inhale) “two good nozzles, looking for max …” (exhale) the afterburners glow with an orange flame… “350…jeez-us” “450..keep your foot down…” (inhale) … compressed molecules of air pile up against the massive black missile of a marital aid like football players running in place against the closed door of a locker room… the winds begin to howl as Mach’s Demon spreads his wings … (inhale) even with the “bravery switch” the winds are deafening when molecules of air come together and create a unique form of primordial intelligence … Green continues driving the shit out of it, giving it rudder while grunting in his brainbucket’s headset, a measured breathing, phone sex for the supersonic set……in the measured mile the shaman closes his eyes, which is redundant as he is already blind, but whatever…

Andy Green is giving ‘er full rudder at 700 mph… the machine has yawed off course and the steering yoke is pointed completely vertically…


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