“There is a kind of craziness to Britain and the British, you know, the ‘mad dogs and Englishmen’ and all that. We go out and we do crazy things. We invented a lot of the great sports of the world, even bob-sledding. We haven’t got any snow, but it took British people to go out to Switzerland to invent crazy things like bob-sledding. Speed records are all part of that same thing. We kind of built an empire on this pioneering spirit. I’m not saying everything we’ve done is right. A lot of it was wrong. But we do have this pioneering spirit, as you have in the States. Part of it seems to be record-breaking endeavor. We just have that tradition.” – Nigel Macknight, British Water Speed Record contender.

“My best wishes to all involved in Thrust SSC’s attempt to be the first through the sound barrier on land. This project is a graphic illustration of British enterprise and engineering at its best. Good luck. The whole country is behind you.” – Tony Blair, British Prime Minister.

“It’s all about beating the British system. If there were any British government involvement (in Thrust SSC) we would end up with somebody on our board, okay? And this has to be a little organization that is very flexible and can dance and weave. The last thing we want is that sort of person on the board.” – Richard Noble.


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