A writer for RACER magazine sees me in Bruno’s with a “Jocko’s Porting Service” t-shirt on and comments on it.

I tell the guy from RACER that I had done a feature on Jocko for HOT ROD and was a big fan of his. I then add that Jocko had been nominated into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

Jocko had called me and ran his acceptance speech by me. He says he was to take the podium dressed in a tearaway tuxedo. He would begin his speech with the words, “I’m really honored to be inducted into Don Garlits’ ‘Mall of Blame’… I mean ‘Hall of Shame’… I mean ‘Ball of Flame’….” while he gradually tore away the tuxedo and stripped down to a “Jocko’s Porting Service” t-shirt.

“Jocko’s not going to be in the Drag Racing Hall of Fame.”

“Sure, he is. He called me up and read me the first paragraph of his acceptance speech. Jocko’s in the Hall of Fame.”

“Not anymore. He changed his mind.”


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